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FC-CIDAL contains:

Artemesia dranuncula - This herb contains the following fungicides: caffeic acid, capillin, chavicol, cinnamic acid, cymene, eugenol, ferulic acid, geraniol, isoeugenol, linalool, phoroglucinol, and umbelliferone

Tinospora cordifolia - This Ayurvedic herb, commonly used for G. I. tract disturbances and skin rashes as found with eczema and psoriasis, contains giloin, gilenin, and tinosporine.

Equisetum arvense (Horsetail) - Used as a source of silica.

Thymus vulgarls - This herb contains several fungicides including thymol.

Tebebuia species (Pau D'Arco) - Contains antifungal properties.

Sida cordifolia - This Ayurvedic herb contains mulhela alkaloids, resins and phytosterols. Traditionally used as a stimulant and to alleviate symptoms of dysentery.

Olea suropaea (Olive Leaf)- Contains antifungal and antiviral polyphenols.

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