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ADP manufactured by Biotics Research contains 50mg of concentrated oregono extract. Oregeno extract is very active against most intestinal parasites and yeast. We have found ADP to be a very gentle cleansing agent that is well tolerated by most people.

Biotics Research is widely recognized for its emulsified fat-soluble nutrients and other lipids, microemulsified with the practical objective of increased absorption and bioavailability. This technology has now been applied to the oil of oregano. By emulsifying oregano extracts, the effective surface area of the oil is dramatically increased. An additional step was to apply a sustained release mechanism to A.D.P.™, assuring a slow release throughout the digestive tract. The combined effect of emulsification and sustained release is to enhance intestinal exposure to the essential oil.

Basic concepts and physiologic function:
Oregano oil is a normal part of the human diet and has been safely consumed for millennia. Because of its ability to kill yeast and bacteria, oregano oil has been used as a food preservative, and it has recently been shown to possess antioxidant activity.

Fatigue is frequently caused by an intestinal overgrowth of unhealthy bacteria or yeast. This condition is referred to as dysbiosis. A coated tongue is one sign of dysbiosis along with intestinal bloating. We have found ADP can be effective in restoring balance within a few days of use.
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